How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days

Have you ever wondered how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days like all of those big Hollywood celebrities? Miraculously many of them seem to drop baby weight after pregnancy in about that month of time. It is also amazing to see these celebrities bloated and fat in one tabloid magazine picture and then just a month later they are beautiful and slim.  Examples of celebrities whose weight fluctuates like this are Courtney Love, Kelly Osborne and Britney Spears.

The Secret is the Celebrity Diet

If you are wondering “how can I lose 30 pounds in 30 days” and become almost instantly slender like Courtney, Kelly and Britney regularly do then look no further than the Celebrity Diet.

In essence the actual diet only lasts four days but during those four days you will take off five pounds. The idea is you do the diet for four days and then you stay off the diet for three.  Of course you cannot go wildly self-indulgent on the days that you are following the diet or you could jeopardize losing a pound a day.  You will lose more pounds of the days that you are actually on the diet and less on the days that you are eating sensibly but more normally.

Celebrity Diet Guidelines

On this diet like every other diet, make sure you are eating as much water as you can except on the last day of the diet when you are only allowed two glasses of winter.

Day 1 – You can drink as much fresh tomato juice as you want all day. The other food allowed is brown rice but you must not salt the water it is cooked in or add salt after. You can eat either of these foods all day long without any restrictions.

Day 2 – Eat as much organic or fat free cottage cheese or yogurt as you like.  Drink plenty of water.

Day 3 – Drink a big cup of unsweetened organic green tea in the morning. Over the course of the day eat 250 grams of boiled meat. Chicken or pork without the skin is your best options but you can eat beef if you want.

Day 4 -  You may enjoy a bottle of excellent red wine and consume it all day during the day along with low-fat cheese. You can eat all the cheese you want.  However, on this last day of the diet you may not have any more than sixteen ounces (that amounts to two glasses of water.)

Why the Celebrity Diet Works

Although it is theorized that it is the sequenced that the foods are eaten in that have something to do with the successful weight loss that the celebrity diet has to offer, it is in essence a diet that is based on calorie restriction.

Basically the formula for losing weight is to expend more calories than you take in. If you are only eating rice and tomato juice on the first day of the diet you are probably not going to consume more than 1000 calories and on average you will probably consume even less because rice is full of fiber.

Green tea is a diuretic so a lot of the weight you lose on the second day of this diet will be “water weight.”  Eating only protein deprives you of carbs, so once again you will be depriving yourself of calories all day.

Most dieters look forward to the fourth day of the diet which is basically a day of sipping wine and eating all the cheese that you want.

For some reason this does take off the five pounds however the last day of the diet can be kind of tricky.  That is because you will not be eating a lot and will be getting your calories from wine. It is possible you could become light-headed depending on your tolerance for alcohol. Needless to say you may not want to be at work when you are on this diet. Keep in mind that celebrities may have more time off in their day than you will ever have.

Fit in Exercise on Non-Diet Days

When you are not on the diet on the three days off when you are eating normally be sure to go to the gym and exercise.

While on the diet for the four day period you can exercise moderately but keep things simple – you can go for a walk or a ride on your bike. However, it is not a good day to do interval training or anything strenuous, especially on the fourth day, when you will be drinking wine and will only be allowed two glasses of water. If you are not careful you could get dehydrated.

Check With Your Doctor Before Dieting Always

Even though you may feel confident about how to lose 30 lbs in 30 days using the Celebrity Diet you should be aware that it could pose some health risks for some people.  For instance, this may not be the diet for you to go on if you suffer from low blood sugar. Alcoholics, who must avoid drinking at any costs, should also avoid this diet.

People on certain kinds of medications may not be able to do this diet, especially if you are required to take your pills with food.  Yet another issue might be lactose intolerance. Keep in mind that on the last day of this diet you will be eating nothing but cheese and this is not always that healthy.

It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before you do any diet like this to make sure that you can handle it and that it will not affect your health in anyway. Ultimately this is a crash diet, but you get the weight off by doing this short four day diet again and again over a period of thirty days. At least your body gets a break from the calorie deprivation which is what the hardest part of sticking to most calorie deprivation diets.

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